Revisiting the 30 at 30 Project as a 39-Year-Old

I launched the 30 at 30 project almost a decade ago in March of 2014 in an attempt to celebrate (rather than complain about) turning 30 years old. Now, one year away from turning 40, I realize I have a little work yet to do to complete the project. While I have finished the initial portion of the project, counting down my 30 favorite musical artists, I still have three lists of 30 to write before I can officially put a bow on the 30 at 30 project.

Exactly nine years ago I published my list of “Things I Want to Do in My 30s.” I’ve lived a lot of life since then. As I enter my final year as a thirtysomething, I thought I’d take an overdue look back at what I wrote entering this decade of life, celebrate what I have accomplished, and see if there is hope left of achieving any of the unachieved things.

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