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Will the Raiders Ever Hire a Coach?

In this week’s “You pick it” question on Bill Williamson’s AFC West blog, I followed my heart and talked about the Raiders, specifically Al Davis and his inability to make a decision regarding the team’s head coaching position.

I don’t know if Williamson puts these responses in any order, but it’s always nice to have the pole position of prominence and my comments are featured first this week.

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AFC West Sound Off Response

With the Chargers’ loss on Sunday, the season is over for the AFC West. But Bill Williamson’s AFC West blog forges ahead. As always, Bill had a “Sound Off” question of the week. This time he asked if the Denver Broncos made the right hire by naming Josh McDaniels head coach. To read my thoughts and the responses of others, check out the full post on

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AFC West Story of the Week

It’s a busy time of year in the sports world, and you can tell it’s rubbing off on me. Three posts in one night! The hat trick comes, once again, by virtue of my thoughts being included on Bill Williamson’s AFC West blog. This time I’m weighing in on the AFC West story of the week, which I believe was the Chargers playoff win over the Colts.

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ESPN Switches Announcers. Other NBA Switcheroos to Follow?

Perhaps more than any announcer today, Dick Vitale is synonymous with his one sport—college basketball. But tonight, the bald, one-eyed basketball wacko who beat the ziggy and became a PTP’er will take part in an ESPN gimmick that features a switcheroo of announcing crews.

Vitale will team with play-by-play man Dan Shulman to call the NBA game between the Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat. Meanwhile the crew of Mike Tirico, Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy will call the college contest between Duke and Davidson.

Is it a ploy by ESPN to drum up ratings? Of course. Will it work? Maybe. Will I be watching? You better believe it.

I love both of these announcing booths to begin with. Vitale is a polarizing figure. Either you love his passion for the game or you’re annoyed by his over-the-top enthusiastic delivery. Personally, I love it, and can’t wait to hear his take on the NBA action. And Jackson and Van Gundy are the best analyst duo in the NBA as far as I’m concerned, so it’ll be interesting to hear their views on the college game and the pro prospects in the game, especially Davidson star Stephen Curry.

Dick Vitale’s one-game announcing stint has me thinking about other one-time switches I’d like to see in the NBA this season.

  • Referees and Coaches
    Imagine Phil Jackson, Gregg Popovich and Stan Van Gundy working a heated contest between the Boston and Cleveland as Celtics Coach Dick Bavetta and Cavs Coach Joey Crawford had to be restrained on the sidelines. Jackson wouldn’t even need to carry a whistle.
  • Fans and Announcers
    Who wouldn’t want to win the contest that meant you and your best friend could call a game on the air? And wouldn’t It be great to see the regular commentators stuck in the nosebleed seats behind a family with crying children and beside that drunk obnoxious guy you always seem to end up seated near?
  • College Team and Pro Team
    The NHL has tweaked the sport and made January 1 a showcase date with an outdoor game the past two years. Why can’t basketball follow suit? Take college basketball’s top-ranked team as of December 25 and pit them against the team with the worst record in the NBA in a New Year’s Day showdown. Play the first half with NBA rules (for two 12-minute quarters) and the second half with NCAA rules (for one 20-minute half). Imagine seeing early-entry players Kevin Durant, Jeff Green and Russell Westbrook and the (at the time) 4-win Oklahoma City Thunder suit up against senior Tyler Hansbrough and the (at the time) undefeated University of North Carolina Tar Heels.
  • 3-Point Shot and Dunk
    Fans love dunks. But what if, for one game, a dunk was worth 3 points and everything else—including shots from beyond the arc—was worth only 2? Sure, it penalizes the short players and lousy leapers, but it would give players who can dunk—and in the NBA, that’s almost everyone— extra incentive to take it to the hoop and finish strong.
  • NBA Rules and Playground Rules
    The notion of defining “playground rules” sort of violates the whole spirit of playground basketball to begin with, but there are a few staples that I think are musts. Winner’s ball/make it take it…whatever you call it…would be in effect. There is no time set, but rather a score total. First team to 100 wins. Players call their own fouls. Tie-ups go to the defense. And perhaps most importantly, trash-talking is allowed and encouraged. Mic’ing the court might be a good idea. They have to play the game on HBO for mature language, but it’d be worth it.

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AFC West Story of the Week (ESPN)

You know the drill by now. ESPN’s AFC West blogger Bill Williamson poses a question, I respond, and, more often than not, he posts my comments along with a few others.

It’s been a nice system for me. This week my response to the AFC West story of the week focused on the Chargers’ big comeback against the Chiefs. To read my thoughts and more, check out Williamson’s most recent post.

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More of My Thoughts on the AFC West

It’s no longer a surprise to see my comments on the AFC West blog of Bill Williamson, and that’s a good thing. For the second time this week, my response was included among the ones Williamson posted. I ranted about Randy Moss before. This time, I chimed in with my choice for the story of the week in the division, the Broncos losing another running back to injury.

I’ll keep writing, and hopefully this trend will continue.

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