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Podcast Host Goes Offline

I have some bad news. The Web site that used to host the Winning Hand Sportscast, Switchpod.com, has gone offline, and taken all of its podcast files with it. For the time being, that leaves me with no place to store my podcast.

Unfortunately, Switchpod was perfect for my needs. It offered a lot of storage space for free. Now that it’s gone, there’s few comparable alternatives. There are many good pay services out there, but I’ve yet to find any free hosting that has enough space to even hold a month’s worth of podcasts. If you know of one, please let me know.

In the meantime, I’ll still offer the occasional update here at MattHubert.com. Plus, I’ve started a new Erie BayHawks blog called Blog Talk BayHawk.

For more information, visit MattHubert.com.

Change is Coming to MattHubert.com

Yes, change is coming to the site in the form of a brand new podcast. This past week’s show (1/20/09) was officially the final MattHubert.com podcast, but it’s not the last time you’ll hear my brother Mike and I discuss the hottest topics in the world of sports.

Next week MattHubert.com will debut a brand new podcast, “The Winning Hand Sportscast with Matt & Mike Hubert.” While you shouldn’t expect a drop-off in quality, you should expect a brand new format. The new show will have a new opening/closing theme, but more importantly, its content will be more organized and include featured segments including “King,” “Queen,” and “Jack” Ass of the Week awards, “Ace” predictions and more.

No, we won’t be talking poker, Texas Hold ’em or any other card games, but we will be shuffling through the deck to talk about a variety of issues from the world of sports every week. As with the old show, we’ll focus primarily on pro and college basketball and football, but no sports topic is off limits.

The decision to change the show was made primarily to give Mike more stake in the podcast as it clearly was more than just my project. But I also wanted to give the podcast its own identity to differentiate our work on the podcast from my writing on the site. Both the writing and podcast will remain hosted together on MattHubert.com.

So thanks to everyone who has listened to the MattHubert.com podcast since we first launched last December. Mike and I certainly hope you’ll stick with us and find the new show even more entertaining.

We generally record Tuesday evening. Then I put it through some simple post-production. I generally have it uploaded to the Internet by 11 p.m. Tuesday night. It’s not a schedule that is 100 percent set in stone, but we try to stick to it as much as possible. Of course, the best part of a podcast is that you can download it, store it on your iPod and listen to it on the go whenever you have 30 minutes (give or take) of downtime.

As with the old podcast, we’ll work to get The Winning Hand Sportscast listed on iTunes as soon as possible. In the meantime, I hope you keep coming back to the site to hear our insights on the sports world.

For more information, visit MattHubert.com.